Don't Break the Chain

Motivation and sticking to a goal are a big part of resilience. This can apply to work, a project, or to any new habit.

This tool involves setting a daily goal and creating a chain of days in which the goal was completed. As the chain gets longer, you will be more and more motivated to continue your current chain.

User's Manual

  1. Choose a goal you want to accomplish. (eg: Fitness, work, project, or a habit)
  2. Decide what you must do each day to get you there.
  3. Set defined daily requirements which are specific and measurable. (Eg: Study a language for 10 minutes each day)
  4. Get or print off a big calendar for this goal.
  5. Days completed - cross off with BIG RED X.
  6. Make a chain of X's. This will be mativation to continue.
  7. Try not to Break the Chain.