Design Thinking

Design Thinking is a fantastic way to get unstuck. If it's hard to figure out exactly what you want to do with the rest of your life, you are not alone.

For years, entrepreneurs and designers everywhere have been optimizing the process of design to make things better. These same concepts can be applied to your life.

Design Thinking is a mindset that helps one find and maintain a healthy and satisfying path in life. This is done by asking the right questions, considering solutions, and then trying things and adapting with feedback.

A key part of Design Thinking is to graciously take feedback from yourself and others - this can be hard. Remember, no one is perfect and feedback is a gift that allows us to improve.

User Manual

Design thinking can be used for any problem. Here is the general process :

  1. Get curious : Find the right question to ask (This is likely the hardest step)
  2. Get thinking: Consider ways to find solutions (Ideation)
  3. Try different possible solutions
  4. Get feedback (Eg: From yourself, those you trust, or others)
  5. Optimize your solution or try a new one by consider the feedback
  6. This process goes on and on. There will never be one final answer or perfect version

Life Design

Try this process with your Life

  1. Get Curious: Consider your ultimate goal. Eg: What would make me most satisfied with my life when looking back on it?
  2. Get thinking: What are different paths to try to get there?
    • Resources: Take time to ponder, talk to people, read or watch stuff, learn new things
    • Examples of paths: Change or adapt your job, hone passions and hobbies, engage with family, contribute to something bigger, etc
  3. Try solutions - try out one of the paths.
    • Note: You can keep one foot on your old path in case the new one does not work out
  4. Get feedback - Reassess each month and check-in with yourself. Also, ask those you trust what they think.
  5. Try to optimize or change your path based on feedback.

With Design Thinking you can search out a good life path for yourself. Though the destination may be uncertain and changing, with the right process, you will find a great solution.