Gratitude Journal

Gratitude is a way of being aware and thankful for the positive things that happen. When life is hard, it can be easy to forget that many things are still going well.

In psychology studies, practicing gratitude has been linked to people being happier. This is part of the field of Positive Psychology. [M Seligman 2005, R Emmons 2003]

A gratitude journal is a tool for practicing gratitude. It involves writing down things for which one is thankful or appreciative.

User's Manual

  1. Find a notebook that you want to write in. Keep it somewhere where you will use it each day like next to the bed.
  2. Pick a time to write each day: usually first thing in the morning or before going to sleep works best.
  3. When the time arrives, open up the journal and write about the things for which you are grateful.
    • Simple things like: A sunny day, A show you watched, A good meal
    • Big things like: Family, Love, Health, Adventure
  4. Simply write 1-3 things down for which you are grateful. Of course you can write more if you like.
  5. Consider re-reading the journal each week.

Focusing and writing these things down can make a big difference. When we train ourselves in gratitude, we pay more attention to the positive parts of life.


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