Keystone Habits

Habits are behaviors that you perform on a regular basis. Often they are done as part of a routine or even done automatically as a result of lots of repetition and familiarity. They can be changed over time.

Keystone habits are important habits which can change other habits in your life. They are the central pillars by which you can build happy and productive days.

For example, picking a keystone habit like exercise may improve eating habits, sleep, and decrease anxiety-driven habits.

Find your Keystone Habit

  1. Habit Audit: Consider habits you perform on a regular basis. Often these go unnoticed, so this requires close attention. Eg: Cooking and Eating, Exercise, Work Habits, Leisure Habits.
  2. Is there a habit that when performed improves your wellness and productivity?
  3. If so, try considering this a Keystone Habit. You can say "I am Keystoning" or "Time to Keystone!" to get you excited about it.
  4. Do your Keystone Habit daily if possible. Consider using Don't Break the Chain if you need motivation
  5. Reflect after one week: Is this Keystone Habit working well for you? Are your days feeling productive and are you feeling well?

If the Keystone is working, keep it up. If not, try out a different Keystone Habit.

It is possible to build multiple Keystone Habits over time. It is important to first solidify your first Keystone Habit so it can have a positive effect on other habits throughout your day.