The Reset

Emotion and stress can significantly impact a person's ability to think clearly and make decisions. Instead, try using the Reset.

When to Use?

When negative emotion (Anger, Frustration, Hatred) or feeling (Stress, Anxiety) are building inside yourself, this is a good time to use the Reset.

How to Use?

This Reset can be personalized for you. It should ideally be socially acceptable such that you can do it with others around without them noticing. For example, it can involve:

  • Physical - touching a specific body part or doing an action (eg: Touch forehead or abdomen)
  • Verbal - repeating words in your head or aloud
  • Breath - focusing on a certain number of calm breaths

Users Manual

  1. Pick a Reset. It should be brief and take a max of 10 seconds.
  2. Practice this Reset in a calm and carefree mind-state to make an association.
  3. Learn to identify situations where emotion or stress is rising. This can be challenging. You may miss these at first, but you can learn by identifying them afterwards.
  4. When in these situations, take a momentary pause and try performing the Reset.
  5. Observe if this improves your communication or decision making.

You can improve your ability to Reset through practice.