Three Selves

In this activity, there are Three of Ourselves.

There is the Past Self who exists as the person in our memories. We often have feelings of regret, blame, or unfairness around the experiences of Past Self. This is totally normal.

There is the Present Self or the Experiencing Self, who lives in the present tense - this is you right now. Sometimes it is hard to focus on the Present Self without getting stuck worrying about Past or Future Self.

There is the Future Self who will adapt to an uncertain future. We often don’t give this self enough trust - she or he is very good at adapting and this should give us confidence. That said, Future Self can be prepared for success through the habits, skills, and experiences of Past and Present Self.

By thinking about these Three Selves in an equilibrated and healthy way, we can increase our resilience and wellness.


Show Compassion for all Three. Consider each Self as a good friend.

1) Past Self

Thank your past self for experiencing many hardships and doing her/his best to bring you to this point today. Write a list of challenges Past Self has overcome.

2) Future Self

Future self will adapt to an uncertain future. Write a list of ways Present Self can prepare to give Future Self all the tools for success   Eg: Skills to Learn, Habits to Change, Experiences to Live today that will help later on

3) Present Self

Recognize that enjoying Present Self is difficult when thinking about Past or Future Selves. Set aside an hour today to enjoy Present Self without thinking about Past or Future Self. 

If you do this activity a few times, you may start to notice that that Present Self is the only one that really exists in each moment. Past and Future selves only exist in the mind! Think about them from time to time, and importantly, try to enjoy your Present Self.


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