Multiple Universes

Multiple Universes involves seeing that there are many good paths or possibilities for ourselves. This allows us to consider the options without the stress of finding one perfect path.

Thought Experiment

  1. Imagine there are multiple possible universes and versions of yourself
  2. Imagine you can move between universes to see yourself in different roles
  3. Imagine how many versions of yourself are living healthy, interesting, and satisfying lives?

If the answer is greater than 1, that shows you that there are multiple ways you can live a good life.

There are many good life options. Now, try to consider a good path for you right now.

Find 3 Good Universes

  1. Consider the next 5 years.
  2. Think of different paths for yourself from this point
    (Eg: career choices, life choices, hobby choices).
  3. Write out a plan for yourself for all three Universes
    • Feel free to write it out or draw them out in your own way
    • For another way of doing this, consider what designer Dave Evan's calls an "Odyssey Plan"
    • Eg: Continue working at the restaurant -> apply for a manager job; stay in this city; join a soccer team; take a trip to the nearby National Park
    • Eg: Take an intensive course as a programmer -> seek a job in a tech start-up on the West Coast; Learn to surf; Take a trip to Hawaii
  4. Consider these universes and decide if changing your current path makes sense. You can revisit this in the future.
  5. Remember: there are lots of good options and you can come up with new options over time


  • Dave Evans design professor at Stanford:
    • Business Insider article on making big decisions: Odyssey Planning
    • Thought Experiment: in his Design your LifeĀ TED talk
  • The TV Show: Rick and Morty