No Zero Days

Motivation is needed to grow resilience. Being able to work in a motivated way towards a goal gives us direction, self-confidence, and self-worth. No Zero Days is a tool to motivate you towards your goal.

A Zero Day : A day you have done nothing toward your goal or dream.

User's Manual

  1. Pick a defined goal or aspiration. (eg: Learn something, make something, fitness; consider picking a mid-level goal in your Goal Pyramid)
  2. Pick a day to start.
  3. Make sure you do something toward this goal each day - this can be literally anything (eg: writing just one sentence, studying one new concept).
  4. Consider declaring victoriously: No Zero Days! When you are done your task.
  5. Keep track of when you started No Zero Days as a reminder of your persistence.
  6. Combine with Don’t Break The Chain for added effect.